Saturday Linkage:


  1. Give Yourself A Performance Review: 10 Questions For Self-Reflection (Costa Rica FIRE)
  2. What It Means to Own Your Career (ESI Money) New Year’s resolution?
  3. Reader Case Study: Nursing Student by Day, Restaurant Worker by Night, Needing to Make Ends Meet (Frugalwoods)
  4. Dollar Cost Average vs Lump Sum (Go Curry Cracker)  Best way to invest a large lump of cash
  5. Think Most Millionaires Inherited Their Wealth? Think Again (Steve Adcock) “The notion that ‘most millionaires inherit their wealth’ is a myth”
  6. Fantasy vs. Reality in Early Retirement (Dragons on Fire) Its not all “peaches and cream”
  7. The Problem With Owning Beachfront Property: The Ocean (Financial Samurai) We still don’t know if we’re going to retire to the beach or the mountains – but I’m thinking mountains.
  8. How Much Does Experience Matter? (The Irrelevant Investor) How much do your earlier experiences hold you back?
  9. New Year Financial Checklist (Cash flows and Portfolios) Nice checklist
  10. Progress Isn’t Linear (Art of Manliness) All you have to do is look at the market and you can see this is true.
  11. 20 Most-Overlooked Tax Deductions, Credits and Exemptions (Kiplingers)

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