Watching Your Weight While on Lock Down

Like many folks in the world, we have been on lock-down/self-quarantine here at Casa 39Months for the last month or more. Both of us are lucky (unlucky?) enough to be able to do our work from home, so we have been busy for 8+ hours a day just getting our normal work done. We are also lucky enough to have the room in our house for each of us to have a “home workstation” setup without having to take over the kitchen table.

That said, one of the concerns I have had (and many people I have talked to) is getting a good diet while working from home. Most folks can go to work and only eat during lunch or breaks, but when you are at home, you can just get up, walk to the fridge or shelves, and grab something. In times of stress, folks also have a tendency to eat snacks & fatty foods to help deal with it (survival response from 100,000 years ago?). So how do you deal with this issue?

As a numbers geek, I chose to approach it by doing some tracking and charting! Taking a page from various low-carb/keto plans, I started March 1st, tracking the carbs I have been eating on a daily basis and tracking my performance. Just like with the finances, this helps me judge my performance and motivates me to keep the carbs low.

For many of the books I read, if you get your daily carbs in the 100-150 range, you can slowly lower your weight, while under 100 can cause dramatic weight gain (though you should only do this for a short span of time). It is also different for each sex (women need more carbs, apparently). How have I done?

  • March average: 143
  • April average (to date): 156
  • Weight loss/gain to date: Loss of 1 lbs.

As for exercise, the self-quarantine has put a damper on my workouts/lifting, but I do get out daily for long-walks, and I stretch every morning. I think some of the weight loss/lack of weight gain is muscle atrophy. Since muscle is heavier than fat, I am concerned that I am losing muscle tone and not the fat. We will have to see once I get back to the gym.

Therefore, I am doing my best to keep the “Quarantine 15” off. How are you doing?

Mr. 39 Months

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