You Are Welcome…

Well, I wrote about the potential for me to be let go due to vaccination status, and my need to potentially “time the market” with my deferred income account. At the beginning of October, I noted that October was typically a bad time for stocks, and with the potential of the account being paid out in cash if I was let go meant that I might or might not get the stocks liquidated at an opportune time. Because of that, I chose to, at the beginning of October, to move it all out of mutual funds (S&P500, International, Small Cap, Bonds) and into pure cash.

As everyone knows, my previous attempts to “time the market” have been dismal failures. Well, October 2021 was no exception. I had left my IRAs and 401Ks invested for October, and instead of going down they went up +4.7% in one month. So my decision ended up meaning I missed out on an estimated $11K of gains if I had just left everything in place.

I’m sure everyone else pretty much left their investments in place, and gained the benefit of this increase. All I can say to that is – You are Welcome.

Hopefully I’ve learned my “time the market” lesson again, and this time it might stick. As of Nov 1, I put my deferred money back into the market.

Anyway, congratulations, and I hope you all have a profitable final two months of the year.

Mr. 39 Months

2 thoughts on “You Are Welcome…”

    1. I go back again to the “sleep at night” thought process. Due to the potential for losing my job, I wanted to not experience a significant loss, right before the account got cashed out. I was willing to not get $11K in revenue, due to the potential for a $23K+ loss (a drop of 10% in the market = $23k). I slept like a baby in October.

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